Legacy Society

Make St. Francis Catholic High School part of your legacy!

One of the most transformational ways to support the students and teachers at St. Francis Catholic High School (SFHS) is through making a planned gift. As a planned gift donor, you can experience tax savings, increased income, and provide for your heirs, all while benefiting SFHS.

What is planned giving?

Planned giving includes a variety of philanthropic strategies that enable you to donate assets to support SFHS, yet defer the time that the gifts are received. In many cases, a planned gift enables you to make a significantly greater contribution than would be possible through an outright gift. The best gift plans require careful thought and analysis of income, estate and tax consequences, and we strongly recommend you consult with your attorney or tax advisor to determine the best way to include SFHS in your will or estate planning.

Let us thank you.

If you have included St. Francis High School in your estate plans, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity, make sure the purpose of your gift is understood by the school, and recognize you as a member of our Legacy Society. Or if you wish, your gift intentions can remain anonymous.

To discuss a planned gift in more detail, please contact Betsy Ackerson at (630) 668-5800 x1102 or backerson@sfhscollegeprep.org.